Welcome To Primal3!

Primal3 is an holistic approach to fitness, well-being and athletic development. It aims to connect and piece together all the parts of the puzzle that determines our performance and health. This is carried out through our workshops and clinics set in the stunning surrounds of Glendalough, Co.Wicklow.

The workshops and clinics are aimed at all type of athletes looking to improve their performance and health through novel concepts and old school techniques. The objective is to enable you to take a collaborative approach to your own fitness and health goals. This approach aims to give you the tools and knowledge to improve the way you train, perform, compete and live. It can be applied to any sport so these workshops are designed for all types of athletes. The emphasis is on endurance sports but the course content is also suited to those in field or power/strength type sports.

Become a better athlete and healthier person through connecting the dots with a primal angle.


Not what you’ve been told…


Functional Skills & Primal Techniques


What to do, why and how to live primal in the modern world


“Walk the talk. That’s it in a nutshell. These guys are experts in their fields- movement, agility, ability, progression etc. etc. I have no words to describe how invaluable a course is with these guys. I have changed, internal and external.
You need to experience this to appreciate. I’ll never forget this course, ever. Amazing.”
Flora McKnight
What can I say, the information I received has opened a lot more options in terms of my general well-being, future training and future even non-TRI events. Even me with my bandy legs were put to the test, they pushed me to try new things/exercises, opened up on the dreaded “stretching routines” we all do before a workout everyday and done a fantastic gait analysis – this is a must for anyone recreational or elite runner, hills or flat, tarmac or trails. The guys were super…informative, sensitive, encouraging when needed and also managed to tailor the group no matter what your level. Needless to say the “present” went down a treat…I also felt I got a present in return. Will never forget this course and the advice given and was even trying the feet stretches I learned this morning.
Jennifer Kavanagh
“Fairplay to Primal3 for an excellent movement and nutrition workshop. Packed with cutting edge information covering optimal movement to primal nutrition and integrated lifestyle and health advice. Rene, Jason and Barry you all gave fitness advice and coaching of the highest quality in a really accessible way. Fantastic!”
Eoin O'Sullivan